2015 Goals


A little bit of a change for this year.  I am breaking the goals into categories based on different aspects of what I do.


  • Operate as an LLC, with DBAs as appropriate
  • Separate bank accounts for the LLC and my personal accounts


  • $6000/month from websites (goal met determined by income for Dec 2015)
  • 5 websites generating over $500/month on average


  • 2 web applications (I know already what 1 will be, no clue on the other)
  • Each site has something new published every other week
  • Each site publishes a new “money” article each month.


This year I start producing videos on a regular basis.  I will setup my spare-bedroom as a studio and will start doing reviews on products.

  • Everything I purchase from Amazon gets a video review, trailer on amazon, and the full review on my site
  • At least 3 new videos per month for my sites (not including tutorial videos)



  • text content: 15 posts – 5 money posts
  • video content: 3 videos


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