Mid May Update

Business as a whole

Journaling does not seem to be something that I am capable of doing.  Oh, well…

Main Site

OK, on to the update.  I have had a pretty shitty first few weeks of the month – earnings wise.  More days of sub $20 than I want to admit.  The good news is I think I got most of the issues worked out.  I am hoping I can get to $2200 or more by the end of the month, but that may be shooting too high.

I bought an SEO package for one of the pages, paid $1150 or so for 3 months of SEO work.  The keywords (4 total) have a lot of potential traffic and my page was stuck between 60 and 100 or so.  Hopefully this will kick it up to the first page which will mean a big bump in earnings.

Other Sites

Dropship Site

The dropshipping site is still not live.  I filled out the first credit application and will push hard next week to get some more suppliers.

New Site

I am going to publish a new site tomorrow that has been developed as a strictly Adsense site.  It is based on a website I saw for sale on Flippa.  I liked the idea, and did some research, found a couple of domains and picked the first one to do a test run.  If it works out, I will try to launch a bunch more (10 or so).  I plan to link them all together, not sure if that is a good idea or not, but we will see.

I did some calculations to see what I could earn.  This is how I calculated it:

I took the monthly search from google KW tools * .4 (#1 gets 40% of clicks) saved as expected traffic

Then took the CPC from Long-tail Pro and did .02 (I expect 2% of visitors to click on an ad) * expected traffic * CPC

Finally I totaled all the keywords up and divided by 2 (as a safety).

Here is a better view:

Keyword | Traffic | CPC  |   Expected Traffic   | Expected Earnings

blah         | 5400   | $7.20 | 5400 * .40 = 2160 | 2160 * .02 * 7.20

Total                                                                | = SUM(Column) / 2

If everything works out the first site should earn about $500/Mo

So far the site has cost about $500 with $425 in articles, $30 for the Domain Registration, $ 27 – SSL.  Hosting will be done on my Linode server… maybe $10 or so a month.

Journal Day 2 – Sunday

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April Update

Dropshipping Store The site is live, and ready to go.  Which is very cool.  The time from conception to now was very short and that is probably one of the best things. I have spent about $1200 or so to get it up and running, and that includes about … [Continue reading]

Dropshipping Store Update

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