First Week of June

So last month ended poorly, I think about 1450 or so.  The good news is that I think I have it all worked out now!  The earnings in the first few days have been really good – on-track for a $2500 month!  Sure it is very early (only 5 days income so far) but things are really looking good.  I re-enabled the georiot links, so we will see how that does.  Everything with this site is looking really well.

The drop ship site is still not live.  I got approved for another vendor, but still waiting on one more.  I decided that if it doesn’t come through this week, I will make the site live and start pursuing the other suppliers while I wait.  That way it can start earning money.

Finally, I have been looking into Fulfilled by Amazon a lot lately and will pull the trigger soon.  I have a sample product on the way from Alibaba to test out.  I also was able to find a bunch of other products that look promising.  So promising that I bought a new domain for one of the niches.  I think I will try a straight e-commerce site, with fulfillment by a local firm. I may just make the site send all checkouts to Amazon…  We will see.

Anyway, that is it for the updates for now.

May Update

Only one more week in may and it doesn't look very good.  I won't be able to get to $2000 for the month unless something big happens this week (unlikely).  That is disappointing. I have been experimenting with outsourcing the SEO for a couple of the … [Continue reading]

Mid May Update

Business as a whole Journaling does not seem to be something that I am capable of doing.  Oh, well... Main Site OK, on to the update.  I have had a pretty shitty first few weeks of the month - earnings wise.  More days of sub $20 than I want to … [Continue reading]

Journal Day 2 – Sunday

Day 2 of the journal.  Yesterday, I got a lot done.  Was pretty productive until about 3pm.  I was really tired in the afternoon, and I don't know why. Today I have a lot planned, the biggest/most important is the video review for Amazon and a new … [Continue reading]

Journal Day 1

I keep reading how journaling is good for me, for my business, for my life... but I haven't been able to keep it up.  I am reading the miracle morning and will journal every day for the next 30 days.  So here it is my journal for today. I have lots … [Continue reading]