April Plans

For this month I am going to launch a new site.  This one will not be niche related, but is just a general review site.  I will use it to try and monetize all the stuff I buy for my personal life.

It will be primarily a video review site, maybe a little text for each product.

I am going to re-launch one of my sites as a WordPress site.  It is almost ready, I just gotta work out the deployment process.  Other than that, it is ready to go.  I have rebuilt it using Docker, Bedrock, and Sage.

I can deploy the main app with bundle exec cap deploy staging, but this doesn’t deploy the database.  So I have to figure out how to do that, maybe with wp-cli.

So the priorities for April are:

  1. Launch new general review site
  2. Figure out how to deploy the database from dev/staging to prod
  3. Re-launch the survival site
  4. Create at least 10 video reviews

What to spend money on?

Let’s say I have $1000 to spend this month on the sites.  Should I spend it on the main site that makes most of the money to try and increase it?  Or should I spend it on a new site to try and increase revenue…  I am torn, as I don’t know which way would be the best.

March Wrapup

Income was up some from Feb to a total of about $2700. Switching back to WP Yup, so after a year or so, I am now switching back to WordPress.  I found that doing everything the way I wanted it with pelican was getting too difficult.  I also wanted … [Continue reading]

February Wrap Up

Like I said in an earlier post this month did go down.  I earned about $2350 for the month.  That was a big drop from the close to $4000 last month.  I think I figured out what I did wrong, and have fixed it.  Actually, it was my attempt to … [Continue reading]

Things I need to work on

This month looks to be a pretty bad month for income.  A couple of things I have done: I turned off Adsense on my main site, as well as all the sharing plugins, and google badge stuff.  This has made the site much faster, and I think that is making … [Continue reading]

Future Plans

Site 1 is slowing down a bit after last month... I am doing everything I can to keep it growing. I created a new script that essentially fakes user engagement on my sites that has a lot of potential.  I built most of it around Christmas, tried it … [Continue reading]