Published a new Money Site

OK, published may be a little big of a word.  The site only has 1 post so far – the homepage.  But, the point is that it is published.  I did that yesterday.  This is a site that I had started working on a while ago, before I decided to switch to Pelican.  I had 20 or so articles ready to go, and I just published the first one.

I think I need to get better on my URL/Keyword selection.  Still trying to figure out my strategy for that.  What I mean by that is let’s say I am working on a site about fishing and the keywords are hierarchical with the longer tail words at the bottom.  e.g. Fishing -> Bass Fishing -> Spinning Lures for Bass.  Eventually I want my site to rank well, for both fishing and bass fishing.  So… with that in mind, should my home page keyword be fishing? That is great, but it means that I won’t have the benefit of the keyword in the URL unless I do some sort of matching domain name.  I don’t really like doing that.  I prefer brand-able domains, so for the fishing site I may do something like –  See, brand-able, easy to remember, etc… much better in my opinion.

Oh.  I also made another change on the first money site today.  So the articles are like 1200+ words.  Sometimes I will add videos to enhance the text review, and to get the video rich snippet in the serps.  But, I have read a couple of places that longer texts do not get the rich snippet video serp result.  So I am running a test, one of the articles I split into two urls:  1. the original has an intro text, the link table, the video, then a link to the text-review.  This page ranks in at about 300 words in total.  2. The written-review has the link table on top and then about 1000 words.  The goal is that 1. is ranked and shows the video, and if people want more info, they click through to 2.

Hopefully I see some videos in the serps soon!

Oh, and one more thing — The holiday has *killed* my earnings so far this month.

Social Marketing

I am going to try being more pro-social media.  I just ordered 180 retweets and 60 favorites for one of my posts.  Lets see how that works. Oh, and I also added a bookmark on socialadr and facebook campaign for the same link.  Hopefully that isn't … [Continue reading]