March Stats

I ended the month up. Here is how it went:

Amazon: $180.40
Adsense: $48.84

Total: $229.24

Money sites: 1
Content Network (CN) Sites: 1

Sites Goal:

  • Mar – CN: 2, M: 2
  • Apr – CN: 4, M: 3
  • May – CN: 8, M: 4
  • Jun – CN: 12, M: 5
  • Jul – CN: 16, M: 6
  • Aug – CN: 20, M: 7
  • Sep – CN: 24, M: 8
  • Oct – CN: 28, M: 9
  • Nov – CN: 32, M: 10
  • Dec – CN: 36, M: 11

Status Udate

So it is mid March. I have almost beat last months income, mostly though amazon affiliates. Although I think that adsense income will be way down this month. That is OK with me, as long as the total income is better, than I am good. Pretty sure … [Continue reading]

Earnings Update

So it is mid February and my earnings goals for Jan and Feb were as follows: $50/mo end of Jan $55/mo end of Feb I am happy to report that I exceeded what I wanted for January and on track to exceed Feb.  The only site earning right now is … [Continue reading]

First Site Launched

I am happy to say  I officially launched a site today that is the beginning of my Content Network. First, I took some time off, which was bad, and I don't really have a reason for it, but I did.  Good news is that I worked on getting the site up … [Continue reading]

Plugins working

As a consequence of the No Zeros effort I will be writing in this blog everyday with what I did that day, compare what I did to what I planned on doing, and describe what I plan to do for the next day.   This will probably make the site very boring, … [Continue reading]

No Zeros this year

So I read an inspiring post on Reddit that talked about zero days.  These are the days when you don't work on your goal/hobby/whatever.  So for this year, I am going to combine the 5 min start and the no-zero days idea and I will do at least 5 … [Continue reading]